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  1. That's the rumor percolating through the markets now anyway.  Executives of AT&T and Time Warner are said to be or recently have been in 'informal talks' about a possible merger.  If a deal were to actually happen, it would be bigger than AT&T's purchase of DirecTV last year given Time Warner's current marketcap north of $60B. […]
  2. Here's a few items from network operators from this week:... [visit site to read more]
  3. It's still the long weekend for many, but here's a quick look at two M&A items from the edges of my usual coverage areas last week and two executive moves by Level 3:... [visit site to read more]
  4. When Yahoo revealed that it had been hacked and data on some 500 million accounts might have been stolen, it wasn't clear what the reprecussions would be on the pending purchase of the company by Verizon. Would they get cold feet? Well, according to the NY Post, the answer may be yes.... [visit site […]
  5. Cleareon Fiber Networks says its network is now ready for service across the NYC metro region.  The company has been completing a dark fiber footprint in and adjacent to Manhattan since rolling out in February.  They have now moved quickly into lit services as well via a bit of M&A.... [visit site to read […]
  6. In what could be a significant realignment, AT&T and Amazon have announced a new strategic relationship to integrate their respective networking and cloud capabilities.  The two intend to collaborate not just on direct connections to the cloud, which they were already doing of course but will be enhancing further, but also on preconfigured IoT sensors […]
  7. Akamai has made its second acquisition in seven days, announcing the purchase of Soha Systems in an all cash transaction.... [visit site to read more]
  8. Rumors that demand for Telxius shares was light turned out to be more than a little true.  Yesterday Telefonica threw in the towel and postponed the IPO of its infrastructure unit due to inadequate demand.... [visit site to read more]
  9. Akamai made an inorganic move this morning, announcing the acquisition of Concord Systems in an all-cash transaction.... [visit site to read more]
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