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  1. Comcast Throws In the TWC Towel, What Next?

    With regulators, senators, and all sorts of allies lining up against its proposed purchase of TW Cable and no breakup fee to worry about, Comcast is said to be yielding the field of battle.  Reports say they may do it later today, deciding not to pursue what would be a difficult and probably fruitless trip […]
  2. FCC Piles On, Comcast/TWC Deal Teeters

    I didn't think regulators would actually step into the ring and try to stop Comcast's purchase of TW Cable, but they seem to be doing so.  The FCC's staff has apparently recommended that the proposed transaction be given an administrative hearing before a judge.  That's what the FCC does when it disapproves, as in the case […]
  3. Cloud M&A: CenturyLink Buys Into DBaaS

    Yesterday, CenturyLink made yet another inorganic move to bolster its position in cloud services. They have acquired Orchestrate, whose specialty is Database-as-a-Service, or DBaaS, based on the popular NoSQL platform.... [visit site to read more]
  4. Will the DOJ Really Pull the Plug on Comcast/TWC?

    Over the weekend, that is the news that started buzzing. Staff lawyers at the Department of Justice are said to be making the case for suing to block Comcast's purchase of TW Cable on the grounds that it would harm consumers. ... [visit site to read more]
  5. Telstra Finishes Off the Pacnet Deal, Retires Brand

    Telstra Finishes Off the Pacnet Deal, Retires BrandTelstra's acquisition of Pacnet is a done deal, as Australia's incumbent closed the purchase last night.  And the first thing they did was announce the progressive retirement of the Pacnet brand.  ... [visit site to read more]
  6. The Smoke Clears and Indeed, Nokia Will Buy Alcatel-Lucent

    This week started with rumors out of Europe that Finland-based Nokia was talking about a buyout with Alcatel-Lucent, rumors that were soon confirmed by both companies. This morning they followed through and sealed the deal.... [visit site to read more]
  7. Nokia Casts Longing Eyes At … Alcatel-Lucent?

    The word this morning is that Finland-based Nokia is close to a blockbuster deal to buy the Franco-American giant Alcatel-Lucent. It's not just an idle rumor, either, as the two companies have confirmed they are in advanced talks, and a deal would likely tip the scales at about $13B. ... [visit site to read more]
  8. Metro Bytes: Wave, UPN, Great Plains, Integra, EarthLink

    For your Friday news catchup, here are five quick takes on news from the metro and regional fiber worlds:... [visit site to read more]
  9. Infinera to Acquire Transmode

    Until now, Infinera's road has been an organic one. But that is coming to a close with plans announced today to acquire the Swedish packet-optical vendor Transmode for about $350M. ... [visit site to read more]