Friday, April 18, 2014

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Telecom Mergers and Acquisitions

  1. Int’l Bytes: Equinix, PCCW, Vodafone, Telecom Italia
    Here’s a quick rundown of some global news from over the weekend and early Monday: … [visit site to read more]
  2. The Public Comcast/TWC Case Is Largely Irrelevant in the End
    Well, it’s been an interesting week for the regulatory process that the Comcast/TW Cable merger will be mired in for a while. All the excitement in the news is what Business Week properly calls a sideshow, albeit an entertaining one.  … [visit site to read more]
  3. Int’l Roundup: Vodafone, Hibernia, Softbank, Orange
    Time for a quick rundown of news on the international front from this week: … [visit site to read more]
  4. Masergy Boosts Security With Global DataGaurd Buy
    Masergy Boosts Security With Global DataGaurd BuyAnother bit of M&A in the managed services and cloud arena has rolled past. Masergy said today that it has acquired the Texas-based security solutions provider Global DataGuard. … [visit site to read more]
  5. What Might an Independent IP Backbone Buy With $200M?
    In the last few days two IP backbones, each large in transit but small in the overall telecom world, made quiet moves that have given them an extra $200M or so to play with. GTT filed a shelf with the SEC in that amount, while Cogent Communications has tapped the debt markets. And while it’s probable […]
  6. Data Centers Work Out a New Renewable Energy Source
    A new trend is poised to emerge in meeting the power needs of the ever-expanding global data center footprint while meeting new green energy standards. Sources say the next big merger deal in the sector will probably be between an unnamed national colocation operator and either Bally’s or Gold’s Gym. … [visit site to read […]
  7. Soliciting Proxies, Charter Challenges the Comcast/TW Cable Merger
    In latest twist in the cable M&A soap opera we’ve been treated to these past few months, Charter is taking its case to a proxy fight. In an SEC filing this morning, they apparently now soliciting proxies from TWC shareholders to vote against the proposed merger with Comcast. … [visit site to read more]
  8. Network M&A: Court Square Moves In at Conterra
    Late last week saw private equity move in on some more internet infrastructure. Court Square Capital has purchased a majority interest in Conterra Broadband. Conterra’s current senior management also invested, while Goldman Sachs, Duke Energy, and GE Capital took the opportunity to … [visit site to read more]