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Telecom Mergers and Acquisitions

  1. According to the Financial Times, Reliance Communications now has two bids in hand for different parts of its remaining telecommunications business, which includes Global Cloud Xchange's global subsea network as well as Indian data center and fixed line network assets.  Both bidders are from the private equity community.... [visit site to read more]
  2. GTT’s European Landscape Takes ShapeGTT has announced new divisions over in Europe, putting the teams in place to take the company's combined infrastructure to market.... [visit site to read more]
  3. Security is an everpresent concern when it comes to internet infrastructure, and hence it has been the focus of many an M&A move. Today, the industry giant Cisco made another move in this arena, announcing its intent to acquire Duo Security.... [visit site to read more]
  4. Two bits of cloud interconnection and two other bits of M&A worth a quick look from midweek:... [visit site to read more]
  5. Vonage is taking it voice and messaging platform into some new territory this summer. Today the company announced the purchase of San Francisco-based TokBox from Telefonica.... [visit site to read more]
  6. Telefonica Finds Another Buyer for a Piece of TelxiusTelefonica has raised a few more euros this morning with the planned sale of a stake of Telxius to Pontegadea, a real estate investment company owned by the mega-billionaire Amancio Ortega.  Ortega owns the Spanish-based Zara, which is a power in the world of retail fashion.... [visit site to read more]
  7. Four bits of metro fiber news from the past few days that are worth a look:... [visit site to read more]
  8. Yesterday saw some interesting M&A news within the world of optical vendors. Infinera has announced an agreement to acquire Coriant for some $430M in cash and stock.... [visit site to read more]
  9. Two enterprise contracts in the US, plus a new interconnection and an M&A over in Europe, and a federal contract that are worth a look:... [visit site to read more]

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