About Us

Eden Acquisitions Group LLC is an investment banking firm that facilitates mergers and acquisitions of telecommunications companies. We provide financial advisory services, including market analysis, valuation, and strategic planning. Our emphasis is on structuring and consummating transactions between buyer and sellers.  Based in Chicago, Eden Acquisitions Group is effectively positioned to be of service to the telecommunications companies located in the Midwest.  Our principals have consummated transactions in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, California, Washington, Maryland and Puerto Rico.

While we facilitate acquisitions, our clients include both buyers and sellers. In fact, most of our clients are companies with a possible interest in an asset sale. Our discreet process includes extensive due diligence, an initial valuation assessment and preparation of confidential offering information. Value is further enhanced through exposure to multiple buyers, resulting in the creation of competitive market forces.  Eden Acquisitions Group is primarily active is the following telecommunications industry segments.

Fiber – Given the exponential increase in the demand for bandwidth, regional fiber companies continue to play an essential role in the overall broadband distribution network. These fiber backhaul companies are essential to supplying bandwidth for both terrestrial and mobile providers, businesses and institutions. We have established relationships with several companies that aggressively pursuing the acquisition of regional fiber networks.

Data Centers – The demand for data storage or collocation continues to dramatically expand due to the exponential proliferation of cloud computing. Worldwide spending for cloud services is currently $40 billion and is expected to reach $100 billion by 2016. Eden Acquisitions Group has developed expertise in the data center area from both a real estate and an operational perspective. While there exists an important real estate component, it is tied to a dynamic income producing business. The collocation provider may also be involved in data transport or other carrier related sectors.


ILECS – Given the entry of numerous players into the rural voice and data markets, and the uncertainty surrounding the proposed changes to the Universal Service Fund, it is an important time for independent telephone companies to consider the possibility of a sale or strategic relationship. Eden Acquisitions has established relationships with larger regional telephone providers, and we are aware of their appetite for acquisitions, or other possible strategic initiatives.


CLECs – In addition to working with ILECs, Eden Acquisitions is similarly pursuing CLEC acquisition opportunities. With the imminent consolidation of voice, data and video, CLECs provide an important component to the telecommunications landscape. Eden Acquisitions is working with several significant CLEC consolidators.

Managed Services - The devlopment of Cloud technology has heightened the requirement to provide managed services to business customers.  Managed services companies or MSPs show companies how to best utilize the numerous Cloud resources currently under development.  Consequently, MSPs are truly an integral part of the telecommuncations landscape.  

Fixed Wireless – There currently exist approximately 2,000 independent fixed wireless companies in the U.S. providing service to as many as 2.3 million customers. Given the nature of this cottage industry, which is facing capital challenges, a number of fixed wireless companies are interested in a possible sale or strategic relationship. Eden Acquisitions is active in the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association, and has established relationships with industry consolidators.