The Buying Process

Eden Acquisitions engages prospective buyers in a process designed to identify, pursue and consummate targeted acquisitions. Given our specialized industry knowledge, we have established relationships with telecommunications companies within specific industry sectors. Through our comprehensive database we are able to identify acquisition candidates in terms of location, size and technology.

The following steps are included in our buying process. 

Needs Assessment - Our first step is to meet with you to understand your company, and its unique place in the telecommunications landscape. What is your motivation for seeking acquisitions and how will they fit with your business plan from a geographic and operational perspective?   In terms of strategic planning what are your short and long-term acquisition objectives? What is your financial capacity for acquisitions, and can Eden Acquisitions Group be of assistance in this regard?  

Acquisition Strategy Recommendation– Upon achieving an understanding of your requirements we will prepare an Acquisition Strategy Recommendation (ASR). The ASR will provide you with an outline of strategic acquisition objectives. Issues addressed will include methodology, valuation, targeted locations, size and technology, due diligence, timeframe and capital requirements. The ASR is the blueprint upon which your successful acquisition campaign will be built.   

Due Diligence – When a specific acquisition opportunity has been identified a non-disclosure agreement will be executed, which will cover both buyer and seller. Once the NDA is in place Eden Acquisitions Group will provide the seller with a comprehensive list of required due diligence items. It is customary for us to meet with seller at this juncture to assist in this process and better understand the company. We will also coordinate subsequent due diligence visits that may involve the buyer. Upon receipt of the requested information, we will prepare a summary of the opportunity to include pricing and other recommendations.

Letter of Intent – Eden Acquisitions will assist the buyer in preparing a letter of intent to include price, exclusive timeframe and other terms. We will provide specific advice regarding counter offers with the objective of executing a satisfactory LOI.

Negotiate Transaction Terms - It should be noted that Eden Acquisitions Group represents our clients and their best interests. This applies to achieving maximum value for our clients financially and otherwise. In no way is Eden Acquisitions authorized to negotiate financial or other terms unless specifically directed to do so.

Assist with Purchase and Sale Agreement – Upon the execution of an LOI the next step involves the preparation and negotiation of a more detailed Purchase and Sale Agreement. It is customary for the actual document to be prepared by attorneys for the parties, however, the fundamental terms involve numerous financial and operational considerations. Our role is to continue to represent the best interests of our client, while monitoring this important process.

Assist With Required Transfers – In the telecommunications industry there are always transfers involved. These may include FCC licenses, PUC agreements, USF agreements, lease agreements, tower agreements, long distance contracts, supplier contracts and customer agreements among others. All of these transfers must be effected or adequately addressed prior to closing. We assist with and monitor this process to ensure that every requirement is addressed.  

Facilitate Closing of Transaction – The Purchase and Sale Agreement will specify a specify closing date. Once the transfer process is completed and the parties are prepared to close, the actual closing date will be confirmed. The process of transitioning to the buyer naturally involves numerous operational considerations. Technical logistics, employee issues and informing customers and other stakeholders must all be coordinated to effect a smooth transition. Eden Acquisitions will assist with and monitor this process.




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