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Telecom Mergers and Acquisitions

  1. Here's a quick rundown of some other news from this week:... [visit site to read more]
  2. EQT, Lumos Close Spirit DealEQT Infrastructure has closed its purchase of a majority stake in Spirit Communications, a transaction that was announced in August of last year. Then they unsurprisingly moved quickly to combine the company with Lumos Networks, which they closed the purchase of in November.... [visit site to read more]
  3. Here are a few interesting recent news items from around the world:... [visit site to read more]
  4. Spring must finally be here this time, as the aromas of last year's wireless M&A rumors are once again wafting through the air. Reuters recently reported that Spring and T-Mobile US are talking merger. Yes, yet again.... [visit site to read more]
  5. Here are several news items worth mentioning on the metro and regional side of things:... [visit site to read more]
  6. Windstream has found another target for its consolidation efforts, The company has announced the acquisition of MASS Communications.... [visit site to read more]
  7. ServerFarm is taking aim at a new market on a new continent.  The data center operator has acquired an 8MW facility over in the London metro area, giving them their first foothold in Europe.... [visit site to read more]
  8. In the wake of Reliance Communications's sale of its mobile business to Reliance Jio, it looks like the rest of Reliance's telecoms business may also change hands. But the leading bidder for RCom and GCX isn't a familiar one to most back here in the USA: Russia Sistema.... [visit site to read more]
  9. Maybe spring will arrive next week.  In the meantime, as we in the northeast get back to normal after the latest nor'easter's effects melt away, here are some more international items to note:... [visit site to read more]

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