Strategic planning is an integral part of the overall service we provide. Depending upon the client, our Initial Valuation Assessment (IVA) will identify a value range and contain recommendations in terms of both the sale or financing of the assets.

Eden Acquisitions Group maintains an investment banking presence that facilitates equity and debt financing for telecommunications companies. We have developed specific relationships with investors and lenders unique to the business sectors we serve, including fiber, collocation and LECs. These financial institutions have current industry expertise in terms of value, rates and other terms as they maintain active sector portfolios.   


The process we engage in on the financing side invloves some of he same elements as on the sell side.  These include an initial due diligence meeting, prepatation of an Initial Valuation Assessment (IVA) and preparation of a confidential offering memorandum.  Prospective lenders or investors are contacted on a discreet basis with the objective of obtaining a written financial proposal.  As with a sale, Eden Acquisitions Group works with all parties to ensure that the transaction is satisfactorily consummated.