Making a Market

AbeThe process we engage in at Eden Acquisitions is to make a market.  An active market is sustained by supply and demand forces that can provide advantages on both the sell and buy side.  On the sell side, we package the seller’s company for marketing purposes and create supply by involving multiple buyers.  On the buy side, we furnish the buyer with acquisition opportunities and supply essential market information.  The result is a market within which acquisitions can be successfully consummated.

Eden Acquisitions is based in Illinois, affectionately known as the Land of Lincoln.  It is here that Abraham Lincoln practiced law, served in the Illinois State Legislature and went on to become the 16th President of the United States.  Thus, we offer an anecdote from Lincoln’s past for illustration purposes.

Lincoln’s first job, which got him out of the log cabin and out into the world, was working on a flatboat transporting pigs down the Mississippi River to be sold in New Orleans.  There apparently was no market for the pigs in Illinois, while an active market existed in New Orleans that resulted in the sale of the pigs at a respectable price.  The seller sold his pigs and the buyer bought the pigs he needed.  It was the existence of a market that made the transaction possible.  The image to the right depicts young Abe hard at work in 1831.       

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