Eden Acquisitions has developed a number of tools or specific resources to assist our clients in meeting their acquisition objectives.  They are a result of years of hands-on experience in brokering telecommunications companies. These tools include database, mapping and market research resources as follows.

Database - We developed an extensive telecommunications database for use in a number of areas, including industry and market analysis, valuation and identification of acquisition opportunities on both the buy and sell side.  It is our understanding of the industry, the dynamics of specific sectors and familiarity with the players involved that enables us to facilitate buyer and seller relationships.

Within the fiber, data center, LEC and wireless sectors we are in receipt of information regarding areas served, services offered, relative size and existing competition.  In addition, we can access this information on a statewide, regional or national basis.  Eden Acquisitions provides its clients with quantitative information customized to meet their acquisition requirements.     

Mapping - Eden Acquisitions has developed expertise in GIS mapping for telecommunications purposes.  In addition to our database reporting, we are able to create a variety of color maps for our client’s use in evaluating acquisition opportunities.  Using extensive industry databases, we can portray buyers, sellers, technologies, speeds, customer counts, facilities, competitors and market share information.  Maps can be customized and layered for presentation purposes.   These visual tools can be invaluable in assessing regional opportunities. 

Market Research – Given the geographic nature of the telecommunications industry, it becomes necessary to assess market conditions relative to the location of existing competition.  The marketing strategy for an area with minimal competition will be quite different from an area with substantial competition.  Thus, our approach is to define market segments by corresponding geographic area.  Using both our database and mapping tools, we establish market share information by segment.  Once identified, the next step is to gather information on the demand side, including demographics, disposable income and purchasing patterns .  An analysis of this information will render the most advantageous available marketing opportunities by segment.  

Legal – Eden Acquisitions has a working relationship with Jim Stenger, an FCC attorney with the Communications, Media and Technology Group of Chadbourne Parke in Washington, DC.  We utilize Jim’s extensive experience before the FCC for our legal requirements, and he is available to work with our clients in several areas, including FCC licenses, spectrum allocation and telecommunications transactional services.

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